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Tennis – the rules to know

According to the recent survey, the number of people showing interest in watching the tennis matches is highly increasing. There are also many people who are coming forward to learn this interesting game. The beginners tend to have an assumption that understanding the rules of this sport is more complicated. But this is not the fact. Tennis is one of the easiest sports to understand. And obviously to play it at the best proper practicing is more important.

Single and double match

Even though the overall stuffs are same for both single and double matches, there are some slight differences in their rules. That is the rules for the single match are quite different from the rules for the double match. As the first and foremost thing the beginners should be aware of these differences. Even though there are no great differences, understanding these factors are important. Especially Knowing about the difference between the court size and serving order are highly important.

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Game start

The game will get started after tossing the coin. The player who wins the toss will be the first one to serve the game. In case if the player fails in the first serve, they will be provided with the opportunity for the second serve. If this serve is also lost, the player will lose point to their opponent. On the other side the player who is about to receive the ball can stand in any position according to serve from their opponent.


Dealing with the tennis ball is really an art. But it is to be noted that there are several rules and regulations for handling it. The player is not supposed to hit the ball twice. The player should wait until the ball passes the net; unless it passes the net they should not return it any extent. The serve should be bounced before it is returned. In case if the serve bounces on the line it will be considered legal. If the ball hits the player it will be counted as penalty. The player can refer 1xbet in order to enjoy sports matches and to get entertained.